Douglas G. Adler

Physician, Author, Editor

Douglas G. Adler MD is an internationally recognized physician, writer, researcher, and educator.
Douglas G. AdlerDr. Adler attended Cornell University Medical College for his medical degree and completed postgraduate training at Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic. He has authored more than 500 scientific papers, articles, and textbook chapters as well as 8 medical textbooks.

Beyond medicine, Dr. Adler is an experienced writer with over 60 publications in a variety of popular magazines and websites. In addition, Dr. Adler is co-author of a new book on the moon landings, with a focus of how NASA’s Project Apollo has been depicted in the media,

Dr. Adler is available for freelance writing assignments on a wide range of topics including but not limited to medicine, science, aviation, aerospace, and space science.

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